Penetration test

Penetration test

Uncover security vulnerabilities before hackers do 

Discover security flaws and close the door on cyber criminals with a penetration test. We perform a comprehensive penetration test on your infrastructure to detect any vulnerabilities, validate current security procedures, and provide both short-term and long-term security solutions.


Automatic and custom penetration test 

We scan your entire system automatically with the latest security tools that can continuously identify potential points of weakness and carry out in-depth manual tests following the best security practices.
Whether examining your external or internal network, web or mobile app, API, or any other valuable software and IT infrastructure, we offer a customized penetration test to fit your needs and requirements. 


Comprehensive reports and practical recommendations

Our service does not end with the detection of breaches. We provide you with a full report that classifies the types of vulnerabilities, identifies the changes implemented and tools used during testing, and offers actionable recommendations to handle security issues and avoid future potential attacks threatening your business. 

With a penetration test, we can help manage your risk effectively, promote your business continuity, reduce cost and minimize downtime, protect your clients and users, and secure the reputation of your business.

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